Who is Claiming.com.au?

Claiming.com.au is an established technology vendor, created to meet the increasing demands for growth & innovation within the Australian eHealth industry.

We build technical infrastructure to make the lives of medical software developers easy. Based in Melbourne, Claiming.com.au combines extensive clinical and industry knowledge with the latest web technologies and a creative approach. Our goal: to simplify and expand the Australian eHealth industry.

Our Vision & Strategies

Claiming.com.au aims to provide a simple and consistent claiming entry point for vendors of Practice Management Systems serving medical and allied health providers, for all their Medicare, DVA, ECLIPSE and other claim types. We actively develop relationships with funding bodies to expand the range of services that can be moved out of the manual claiming domain.

Sam Stewart

CEO & Co-founder

Sam is an experienced entrepreneur. A UniMelb BSc(Computer Science) graduate, he founded his first company at 19, raised investment and took it to Silicon Valley shortly after. He has been intimately involved in building the vibrant Melbourne startup ecosystem. He previously managed The York Butter Factory startup co-working hub, and has experience in Venture Capital deal-flow analysis. Sam drives our journey of startup business development and keeps the team in a state of GSD.


Tony Stewart

Medical Director & Co-founder

Tony is a medical practitioner with more than 30 years clinical experience in Australia and internationally, Tony is also the director and founding software developer of Cutting Edge Software, our parent company. He brings to Claiming.com.au a strong practical knowledge of the Australian eClaiming space and as a practicing doctor, a first hand understanding of the needs of our end users.


Ralph Alexander

Product Manager, Developer & Co-founder

With more than 10 years experience in the Medical Software industry Ralph has onboarded more than 70 applications to the claiming.com.au API. Having headed development for the last 6 years there is no corner of the medical claiming space he has not seen.


Simon Terry

Advisor & Business Development

Simon is a board-level leader with deep expertise in customer experience, collaboration and innovation.  He brings to the team over a decade of leadership experience in high growth, start-up and mature businesses, most recently as the CEO of HICAPS. Simon drives our business strategy and complex stakeholder management, by drawing upon his track record of delivering business growth and innovation through organizational change management.


Our parent company - Cutting Edge Software

Cutting Edge Software was established in 2005 and delivers specialised electronic claiming software to over 500 medical and allied health providers around Australia. Through shared technical resources, Cutting Edge Software provides substantial experience and support to Claiming.com.au.